An Essay on Life

by Hannah Marie Muglia
Life is a very special gift from God. We need to show that we respect it and not just our own. No matter how big or tiny a person is, they still have a soul. Just because someone might not want it to exist, there is still a soul and you are not supposed to hurt it. Abortion is murder because it ends a life.

It is sad that our new president supports this kind of murder and we must pray to end it. Babies inside their mothers womb have a right to life even if they can't tell you it themselves. It is not right to kill someone just because they are helpless and cannot defend their own life. How can anyone say that unborn babies are not people? Even if they weren't, we have no right to stop them from becoming one. Still they are people and they have souls, so taking their lives for our own selfishness is wrong and unfair. You're lucky to be living yourself so don't kill innocent babies or support abortion. Doing little things like going to say a rosary or offering up small sacrifices can really help save unborn babies. Try to support prolife people. Give the unborn a chance. If you are scared to have a baby use adoption not abortion . If you didn't want a baby you had a chance before you became pregnant.

The point is that we should stand up for people who can't stand up for themselves. Unborn babies are people too and definitely more human than anyone who wants to kill innocent lives. Respect other peoples right to life and people will respect yours back. After all, the liberals are the ones who stand up for TREES and ANIMALS. Why not humans?

The end.