Thursday, March 19, 1998

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Stay-home moms have better deal

Anthony D'Adamo / Los Angeles Times Syndicate
   As a stay-home mom and homemaker, I take great offense at Ruby L. Bailey's March 2 article, "Busy moms say they can have it all." Articles that glamorize the working mother are written to ease the guilt of career moms. And why are such articles needed? Because, obviously, there is guilt in the hearts of these "superwomen." And why is there guilt? Because in the heart and soul of every mother is an instinctual desire to be near her children.

   The absurdity of the article is illustrated in the following quote: "You do what you can, when you can, as best you can, and you get somebody else to do the rest." The article painted an image of a harried, frantic mother, desperate to squeeze everything and everyone into her day. This is having it all?

   Personally, I love being home with my precious children as a full-time mom - to watch them learn and grow and smile every day. I am here to wipe every tear, catch every fall, cook every meal. I have opportunities that the "supermom" can only dream of.

   And a career? As a homemaker I am a nurse, teacher, seamstress, chef, counselor and more all rolled into one!

Laura M. Muglia, Madison Heights