Make a Picture Page

Use this form to construct an html web page for your pictures.

Select Background Color:
Enter title:
Select the number of columns:

Enter any number of pictures from some directory on your computer. For each picture enter the file name and caption and then push the Enter picture button:
File name:

The output appears in the box below. Hit the Show page button to view it in a separate page (the pictures are probably not visible yet). Then select "Save as" in the File menu to save it in the same directory as the pictures. If this saved file is then loaded back into your browser the pictures should become visible.
Sometimes when using various editors spurious spaces, tabs and CR's are introduced into an html file, which interfere with the orderly appearance of the format. In such cases the format can be cleaned by first copying the content of a file and pasting it into the box below (replacing the existing text) and then hitting the Clean button.