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J. D. Roesser
News flash: Carrie Roesser has sent an E-Mail home from Africa. Details of it will be found on the continuing chronicle of her mission, which is in Buck's Corners.
Pete Denecke
This page is a great idea. Welcome to the Web.
Nancy & George Denecke
Dear Roessers,
Nancy & George Denecke
Hi Roessers, We just found your home page. Mark told us about it. Very nice. We can't get the Patriarch's picture because we have not the graphic capability but your idea is great. I especially like the idea of Carrie's news. George here - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME !!!!
James D., Buck, Uncle Denny, Bro
New update to African Mission chronicle 9/30/95
Ray Grant will enter Buffalo General Hospital tomorrow where he will undergo surgery to correct spine and neck problems which have caused him to experience numbness in his legs. Please remember Ray in your prayers.
Ray underwent many hours of delicate surgery to repair his spine. Doctors removed bone from his hip and inserted it into his neck. They also fused several vertebrae in his neck in order to stabilize it. The next few days will tell if the surgery was successful, while it will take several weeks to tell if he will make a few recovery. Please keep praying for a successful recovery.
Carrie Roesser would be thrilled to hear from anyone in the "Western World". You can write to her at the address below until the second week of December:

Carrie Roesser c/o
Pastor Solomon Mukonjo
Church of God Kumwokja
PO Box 419
Kampala, Uganda

Nancy Denecke
Hi Everyone, I just heard about Laura and will pray for all. I read Carrie's adventures and will pray for her also. I took her address and will do something with it. Things are quiet here which is fine. Glad to see John has an address now. HI John! Mark and Pete how are you? Will call you soon! Love from Mom sis aunt nancy etc.
Nancy Denecke
Uncle Ray came home last night. He seems cheerful considering he is still on a feeding tube. He will get another test for swallowing in 2 weeks. Keep praying for him. Let's send him some sneaker mail to keep his spirits up!
Hey Guys-----Whats up?? We're all waiting for the latest on Laura's Litter. We all hope she is OK. I hope the long wait is the best for all of them. Ray is back home but not really enjoying it just yet. Being fed by a tube is wierd. He doesn't get hungry but a cup of coffee would sure tast good right now. Take care ........ George & Nancy
Thanksgiving greetings to all! Mark, we enjoyed your wabbit hunting message. To Bob regarding Laura's letter from Carrie - the address in Uganda is correct but she will only be there until Dec.11. So if you mail a letter in the next few days she may get it(notice the may) Nothing in Africa is particularly reliable.After Dec. 12 she will be at this address: Carrie Roesser Covenant Players, PO Box28721, Nairobi Kenya.We talked to her at 2am Monday Morning (Nov. 20). She is very homesick. Once she gets back to Kenya we will be able to e mail and if they allow her to we will post her address. Thanksgiving poem from my second grade: Gobble, gobble said the turkey you can't catch me. Watch out said the pilgrim because when I do I'll make turkey stew. Then I'll gobble, gobble too!!!!!
Eileen LaBorde
It's official! Dave and Eileen got approved for a mortgage! We should be closing December 8th and moving soon afterward. Our new address will be: 2 Coachlight Circle Canandaigua, NY 14425 Visitors are welcome!
The color scheme contest at Buck's Corners is over. The official winner is "gray", although I strongly suspect my brother of influencing the outcome by hitting gray a lot. So, gray it is, ( until I find something I like better).
As I suspected, I have now learned that my brother, whom I thought I could trust, did indeed manipulate the outcome of my color scheme contest. Before I started the contest, he promised not to mess with the counters, which reside in his account. So he goes and gets total strangers to "hit" the gray page, bypassing the intitial screen which lets them chose a schene. He stuck to the letter of our agreement, but violated the spirit of it. So, in all honesty, I must re-count the votes, eliminating those that were finagled by my brother, thus making "clouds" the actual winner.
Uncle Bobby
I don't know why my brother Buck is so agitated. All I did was to express my exquisite good taste by influencing others to exercise similar good taste.
Mark Denecke
I received a letter form Carrie today, Wednesday (Dec. 13). It was so inspirational and touching, it really brought me up during this tough week of finals. Hey, they had the blizzard and didn't invite me!! Hope to see all soon, have a Merry Christmas! (I'd appreciate it if you'd pray for a friend of my friend Mara who passed away this week, her family needs all the strength it can get.
Carl LaBorde
My name is LaBorde too. Are we related?
Eileen LaBorde
I don't know. I am married to a descendant of the LaBorde's from Dubois, PA. Write to me at My husband would be VERY interested in discussing his family tree. Did you know there is a LaBorde Hotel in Texas? And a city named LaBorde, PA?
Jambo to all! We recently were the guests of the Denecke's at "Agony State Park" and had anything but a painful weekend. The accomodations were idyllic, the scenery fantastic, the company great and the skiing superb. We particularly enjoyed the Denecke boys who we haven't seen much of as of late. With the cold weather we are now experiencing it is nice to reflect on that wonderful winter weekend. Thanks Denecke's!! A few of you asked for Carries's latest address; this one is for Feb.11-24: Chuwa Eliapenda, PO Box6827, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (mail takes at least a week to get there) winter weekend.
This is an appeal for your prayers for Carrie's health and safety. Also for our peace of mind. We finally spoke with her after a month. She had given us a phone number which we called for a week before determining that the busy signal meant it was out of order. Denny tried sending a fax to the number she had sent and low and behold a person answered the phone and Carrie was right there. It is a relief to know she is ok, but she spent the night before in the hospital suffering from what turned out to be severe constipation. She said their diet is mostly rice, no fruit, no veggies.I will be mailing her some remedies for that problem. The disturbing thing for us is that the doctor's and hospitals are horribly inefficient. She has 3 1/2 months left and we're praying that it goes quickly as the constant worry is making us crazy.
Kathy (Murphy) Sadowsky
Nancy gave me your address. I've really enjoyed trying to catch up with all of you. I'm still a bit confused, to many new additions to the family since I last saw anyone. I enjoyed seeing the picture of Uncle Bob. Now if I could just hear his voice again--I always loved to listen to his voice.

In case you haven't figured out who I am----I'm Neil and Diane Murphy's oldest daughter --- remember Bradford, PA. I'm in Wilmington, DE these days, and a neophite with all this technology stuff compared to you people. I'm following in Nancy's footsteps though and am working at the elementary school as the technology coordinator.

I've been working on a Family Tree program with my kids, so we copied a bunch of birthdays down to add to our database.

Good luck to all of you. Kathy

Victor "Scott" Muglia
Congradulations on the twins. My best friend had twin boys two and a half years ago. They were only 2 lbs and 2 oz. I am very glad to know that 2 "new" people are named Muglia. I live in San Diego California and am currently attending college at Grossmont College. There are 3 other Muglias in San Diego, but I grew up with them. I am using the school's internet service and I won't have e-mail capabilities for two more weeks. If there is anyway a "Muglia" could write me in the mean time I'm curious to know how we are related. My father and myself have done a fair amount of research into the Muglia family name. There is a town with the name Muglia, pateints are written by a Muglia, books written by several Muglias, even a purple heart. My Home (snail mail) address is P.O. Box 239 Lakeside Califfornia 92040-0239
Uncle Bobby
We have a wonderful opportunity to elect a man of principle for President. Pat Buchanan will restore many of the values that we hold dear. Please consider supporting him.
George Denecke
Hey Bob: Are you aware that pat Buchanan is a senior advisor to "Southern Pride" magazine, a quarterly for unreconstructed Confederate Rebels. Their stated policy is that they find that slavery is consistent with the Christian ethic. Can you live with this also?? Ref: Buffalo News 2/25/96 Page 1 !!!
Uncle Bobby
Uncle George, do you think Pat Buchanan advocates slavery or in any way believes it is consistent with the Christian ethic? If not then I don't think it is an issue. The next president of the United States will hardly be decisive whether or not we have slavery in this country!
greetings from germany ! however, i'm a member of the roesser family. but i don't know the relations ?! perhaps you can help me.. see my hp ! have a nice day ! hermann roesser
George Denecke Jr.
Hi everyone, This is my first visit to this page since I've been on the internet and it's been fun hearing from everyone. That being said, let me jump right in. Uncle Bobby, Pat Buchanan has too many bad points going for him to seriously consider him for president. Immigration, misguided economic policies, borderline racism, protectionism, this guy is all about demagogary and not thinking issues through. I agreed with you on Reagan but not this guy.
Daniel G. Denecke
Hello to everyone from Dan. Hopefully soon Denise and I will be involved in all the communication action on the net. The 286 we've been using has been great for word processing and resumes but now we want to get up to date (online, CD ROM, etc.) We're considering a purchase.
Joyce DeWeese
Just downloaded the complete text of Carrie's odyssey. Noticed that she sent mail TODAY, so we could probably send back, right? I have two CPers with me tonight (May 2) and tomorrow, so write back soon if you can.
Maryann Cannon
Just want to say Hi to the Roesser family. In case you don't know who I am,I am a friend of Linda Grant. Grew up on Bloomfield with the Roesser family of Choate as neighbors. As an adult I lived on Parkview as a neighbor of the Deneke family. I ran into George Deneke once or twice as data processing manager at Bertrand Chaffee Hosp. He was in computer repairs I think. My brother Paul Carey was an old friend of Dennis/ Any way Hi to you all from Springville NY
Nancy Denecke
The Denecke homestead is for sale. A lovely 4+ bedroom house with cathedral ceiling family room w fireplace. This home has triple lot 105 by 140 in the town of Hamburg. Many trees give this home a natural setting and a wholesome place to raise a family.The address is 4016 Jefferson which runs off Scranton which runs off So Park & 75 or Camp.Priced at $119900 this home is ready to enjoy. For further info call Stovroff Potter at 716-662-2000 attn John Boyle. Other than that Hi everyone. I'll let you know if we move and where.
Komsa Dokliomaden
Greetings from germany.the judes
Carrie Roesser
Hi everybody, I just found this while playing on a host's computer. I am in New England and it is beautiful. It's not Africa, though. I miss you and can't wait to see you again in Dec. We are performing in Salem, MA this weekend and there are 150,000 tourist coming here to see leave and participate in "Haunted Happenings" There are actually witches that walk the streets. It's freaky! It's good to be home though! Lots of love!
Mrs. Buck
Please pray for Mrs. Paolucci, Elisa's mom, who will have back surgery on Wednesday, October 30th. Thank you. Also, Happy Birthday, John Roesser!!!
Sandy Affer
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We're looking forward to our baby coming in the end of April. Mark wanted everybody to know that his Camaro will be safely stored this winter.
Nancy Denecke
We have sold our home and are looking forward to moving tentative date of March 8. We hope to have lots of company and will let all know our new address as it becomes imminent. It was fun to see John and Carrie this Christmas and also nice to meet Troy again. Happy New Year to everybody.
Pat Roesser
Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all. Bob will march two miles in the parade in downtown Detroit. He will be with Catholics United for Life.
Kathy Kapanek
Hi every one !! I was just reading through the homepages and thought I'd put our address in here . I wish everyone well with all the new additions to the family,, it's finally someone else's turn. Feel free to write , I'm trying to teach myself all the programs, so it will be good practice for me.
David S. Roesser
Hello all Roesser's! Name is David and I live in Huntindon Valley, PA (Philadelphia). My brother Mark told me about this site. So many Roesser's, who would of thunk it!
Gerd Roesser
Greetings from Germany!! d:-))) Maybe we're related somehow? Gerd
Cathy Hernandez
I am doing geneology research looking for people with the surname Affer. My great-great-grandmother was Margaret Affer, from Canada, who married Daniel or David Canfield circa 1860s. One of their sons was born in Kingsville, Ontario. This surname seems quite unusual. Do any of the Affers in your family know anything about their Affer ancestors?
Rob Chase
If you like to discuss religion go to the Crusades Message Wall through my links. Thank you!
Wendy (Roesser) Bowles
Hi everyone, Jesus lives and he loves you!!! Hi my name is Wendy Bowles my maiden name is Roesser. My family is from Buffalo N.Y. Can we be related somehow?
Jerry Roesser
hello, hello
Elisa Roesser
Hello to everyone on this day after Thanksgiving. We celebrated at Paolucci's since that is where my mom is living now. We enjoyed Denny's turkey.(If you didn't already know, Denny bagged the first turkey of his hunting career)(see pics posted by Bob) Everyone agreed it was tastier than store bought. Now that Denny knows what good eating they are he says he will hunt them more often. We are also thankful for 3 deer in the freezer. John and Denny made venison salami today. They and Mark will hunt together again tomorrow. Hey you never know!!!! Love, Elisa
Jon Bastian
Hello, everyone, and especially to the Deneckes of Buffalo, because I think we're related. I'm a descendant of Johann Christian Theodore Denecke, via his daughter Theodora Denecke, who married Silas Fearl after relocating to Kansas in the 1850s. If anyone has any information on the Denecke family, especially the history before the Deneckes arrived in America, please contact me. And, happy holidays and a Happy 1999 to everyone...
That tune is from the Clint Buehlman radio show. Sadly, Clint passed away about 14 months ago.
The name of the tune is "The syncopated clock"
Christy Borgeld
Anyone interested in Stepfamily Day or the First National Stepfamily Day picnic...please visit my website or email me. Take Care of YOU! Christy Borgeld Founder-Stepfamily Day-Sept.16
Uncle Bob

Has anyone seen Mark Sman, I'm hungry!
Mark & Sandy
Happy Birthday to Alex Affer born on 5/17/99 at 4:50 A.M. 8.8 lbs 21". Mother and baby are both doing fine.
Uncle Buck
I believe the correct name for the vehicle pictured is "Irish Mall". We had one as kids, but Bob and Nancy were too young to drive it, so Linda and I got it most of the time. HEHEHE!!!!
James A Roesser III
I just found this page yesterday,My family is originally from Greenville, Ohio. I had two un`cles Bob & Neville.
James A Roesser III
I wanted to add to my previous message. My grandparents James A. Roesser SR. & CLaire {maiden name Neville} lived in Colon Michigan until their deaths. I have relatives living in Michigan.
Randy Roesser
Randy Roesser
I'm Jim Roesser III's younger brother. Jim just found this Roesser page and since he posted to the wall, I couldn't let him get a step ahead. Our parents are James A Roesser Jr and Margaret E. Roesser.
Family, Movies/Tv , Sports, Music, Games and Friends Webpage at :
melissa roesser
hello! i am so glad to know that there are more roessers in the world besides me, my uncle aurthor, aunt melonie, my father charles and my grandmother gracie. my grandfather was phillip roesser and he was from allentown pa.if anyone sees this and thinks we may be related, please e-mail me. i would like to hear from my family.
melissa roesser
hello! i am so glad to know that there are more roessers in the world besides me, my uncle aurthor, aunt melonie, my father charles and my grandmother gracie. my grandfather was phillip roesser and he was from allentown pa.if anyone sees this and thinks we may be related, please e-mail me. i would like to hear from my family.
Bill Hamilton
I want to try to answer the question about the power rating of the rheostat regulating the lightbulb. Although I am an electrical engineer, I have never selected a rheostat before, so I have only logic to guide me. The power dissipated in the rheostat is (I^2)*R where I is the current in amps and R is the resistance of the rheostat. It would seem that the most severe requirment on the rheostat is when the light bulb is drawing the maximum current. If the line voltage is 120 volts, that current is 100/120 = 0.833 amps. The rheostat presents its minimum resistance, call it Rmin when the light is brightest, so the power dissipated in this event is Rmin*(I^2) or Rmin*(0.833^2) or Rmin*1.667. Without knowing Rmin, this is as far as I can go.
Bill Hamilton
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Birgit (Roesser) Brandenbusch
Hi dear Roessers, I was born as a Roesser and live in the German capital Berlin. Today I just searched in the Web for Roessers and now I found your famous Roesser-page. Unbelievable: so many Roessers in America. I thought the Roesser Family mostly lives in the German state Hessen, where all my relatives are coming from. Is there any relation in your familiy history to them? Many greetings from Germany, Birgit Brandenbusch, formerly known as Roesser
Dan Denecke
My email is Happy Thankgiving 1999
Birgit Brandenbusch
Dear Roessers, my e-mail-adress is Again many greetings from Germany, Birgit (Roesser) Brandenbusch
Kenneth, Celia, Aaron & Jonathan Roesser
I've just started doing a geneology search for Roessers out of Buffalo. Glad to see there are so many!!! I have been in contact with a possible Buffalo relative and we're both trying to make some connections. Does anybody have a family tree listed somewhere on the web? Our family goes back to Ferdinand Edward Roesser born 18 Oct 1901 married to Elsie. There was also a Ferdinand married to Mary Ort both from Buffalo. Florence Anna Roesser is a relative buried with about 8 other Roessers at Pine Hill (United German & French) Cemetary. Ferdinand & Elsie lived on Kilhoffer and possibly Ferdinand & Mary (Ort) lived on Reed St. Ferdinand Edward worked at the Pratt & Letchworth Co. James Charles Roesser was born and graduated from Kensington H.S. He has two nephews and a sister-in-law Mary there in Buffalo. Any help linking us together would be appreciated!!! Thanks to everyone! Celia
Again, Ken, Celia, Aaron & Jonathan Roesser
I left out the other Roessers down here, James Charles married to Ann and their children, all moved out of the nest: (Ken Roesser, Patti Roesser, Dotti (Roesser) Guzman and Wendy (Bowles) Roesser). One more important thing, we're from San Antonio! GO SPURS GO!!!! Feb 29, 2000
Celia Roesser
Just updating info and starting up my research again. Hello to all. 9/28/00
Terri (Roesser) Williams
Hi my name is Terri Roesser Williams,I just found this site today, and am not sure if I am related to any of you, but I think this site is a great idea. I can be reached at
Check out my page, its not much, but it is from the Roesser Family located mostly in Baltimore, MD. Saunders Roesser
Bruce McCausland great-nephew of Clarence Robertson)
I wanted to thank you for placing the obituary for my great-uncle Clarence on your website. It has been there almost a year now (since shortly after his death). I hope you don't mind if I link it to my website at this page: You can obtain my email address from the above link. Sincerely, Bruce McCausland
Dan & Denise Denecke
Hi Everyone! It's time for us Denecke's to participate in the Roesser home page. The girls are so excited about camping next week. All they talk about is seeing all the cousins. We're looking forward to seeing everyone. Should be fun! Congrats to George and Jennifer, John and Peggy, and Pete and Krista!!!!
Christina (Roesser) Sorensen
Hello to everyone. I don't know if any of us are of any relation. I grew up in Colden, NY, which is about 25 minutes from Buffalo, NY. I am currently in the USAF and am stationed in Wyoming. It would be neat to find out if any of you are any relation to me.
Gramma Pat
Here are two exciting guessing games:
I'm thinking of a number from 1 to 100. Guess what it is and I'll tell you if it is high, low or correct.
Think of a number from one to one hundred and I will guess it.

Patti Roesser
Hello to all the Roessers. I was just looking around tonight and found this site. I see that my sister, sister-in-law, and my second cousin have all posted messages within the last few years. I'm sure we are all related in some way. "Roesser" is not as common as "Smith" or "Jones". My father, James Charles Roesser, was born in Buffalo, NY on January 8, 1940 to Ferdinand and Elsie Roesser. He was the third of four children. He recently passed away to be with our Lord on April 24, 2005. He was preceded in death by his parents and his siblings, Ken, Mick, and Sandra. He left behind his wife of 46 years, Ann Catherine "Stateczney" Roesser, and his 4 children (Kenneth, Patricia, Dorothy, and Wendy) and 7 grandchildren. I'm not sure if any of you knew my father, but if you did, I wanted you to know of his passing. God bless all of you.
Denise Denecke
Happy Anniversary Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat!!
James Roesser
Does anyone live in or near Colon Michigan?
Jeff Cooke
Are there any Roessers out there who have any genealogy information on Charles J. and Jane Thomas Roesser? They liveved on Tillingast Place in Buffalo in 1930.
James roesser
Hello from the roesswer in California
Lillian Denecke
Judging from the comments, I think I'm the first person to visit this website in a long time! I'm glad i found it though.
John Muglia
I was interested in learning more about the Muglia family history! I am 62y/o currently living in Ma but was born in New Jersey If anyone can help me with some history it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Sharon Bohn
My name is Sharon my grandmothers name was Mary Roesser from buffalo NY I am trying to find other relatives from that area. She had a sister Dora who lived with us and several brothers but not sure on their names we never knew them I believe Ferdinand and Charles was 2 of the boys if anyone can help us. I do know that Judy banks who lives in ny is related
GPS Tracker
Came across your website and absolutely loved it!
George (Chip) Roesser
Have your last name (genes?) but was the son of an orphan - George - who attended Girard College, Philadelphia. Dad was killed near the end of WW II, so I never met another Roesser. Did share some emails with a cousin in Florida. Sounds like quite a family! I'll keep reading the Roesser page.
George Roesser
Looking through Roesser page, related articles, pictures (Thanks) - came across Roesser Dr in Lancaster...looks like the only street in the country named after one of "us". Anyone know the story behind the name? FYI, Robert (Big Roess) did some work out in Lancaster early in his civil engineering/service career...that's all I could piece together so far. Happy 2018
Love this page! Came to find Grampa's birthdate, was happy to see pictures of the dunes! Nice summer memories with family! Happy Thanksgiving!!