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Pro-Life Poems by Laura Marie Muglia
Catholics United for Life

AFRICAN MISSION - This is the continuing
chronicle of Carrie Roesser's mission to Africa. The story will be updated every two weeks. (Last update 12/8/95) The story now includes many pictures of the mission.

Roesser Family Home Page
Pete Denecke's Home Page
Jerry Roesser's Home Page

Some interesting pictures from the Roesser's "Excellent adventure in Europe"

Ducharme's Precept:
"Opportunity always knocks at the least opportune time"

The Internet Mall
J. C. Penney Corp.
L.L. Bean
American Airlines
The Sharper Image
Internet Shopping Network

1995 Buffalo Bills Schedule and Scorecard

Regular Season

New York State Department of Labor
Employment Online
Nerd World Media Employment
Employment Opportunities
America's Job Bank

Microsoft Library - Computer Magazines
Welcome to Computer Shopper
Welcome to PC/Computing
News Archive
PC Magazine on the Web

Microsoft Windows 95
The Windows 95 Page!

Welcome to Intel
Insight Computer
McAfee Home Page
Microsoft Library - Computer Company Home Pages
Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation World-Wide-Web Server

The Ultimate Winsock Collection
Project Gutenberg Home Page
Welcome to Netscape
OAK Software Repository

HTML Guide
Netscape Handbook
Internet Resources List
Real Audio
Starting Point (Add to your Hot list)
Buffalo Official Online Guide

Current weather forcast for Buffalo.
Current weather forcast for any city.
The Weather Channel Home Page

Stock and Mutual Fund Quotes
Quicken Home Page
Charles Schwab Online
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The Wall Street Journal

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